Blocked Drains: The Signs You Can’t Ignore!
Blocked Drains The Telltale Signs You Can't Ignore!

Blocked Drains: The Signs You Can’t Ignore

Let’s dive into (pun intended!) into a common household headache – blocked drains, focusing on stormwater pipes. 


Nobody likes the surprise of a blocked drain, but being prepared can save you a lot of hassle. 


At Fletcher Plumbing and Co, we’re very familiar with the signs that your drain might have an issue! Here’s just a few:


Water is Everywhere, But Not Where It Should Be 

If you see water pooling around your property after rain, it’s a classic sign that your stormwater drains are blocked or becoming blocked. Stormwater drains are designed to take away rainwater, so if they’re blocked, you might notice water lying around. If that’s the case, it’s time to give us a call. 


Gurgles and Bubbles – Not the Fun Kind

Keep an ear out for gurgling sounds coming from your drains. This is often a telltale sign of a blockage. These noises occur when air trapped in the pipes is pushed around by water trying to navigate the blockage.

Again, if you’re hearing gurgling sounds on a regular basis it’s best to get a plumber in to check out what’s causing the noise.


The Slow Drain 

If you notice that the water in your sink or bathtub is taking longer than usual to drain away, this could potentially be another sign pointing towards a blockage in your stormwater drain system. We recommend dealing with these issues promptly to prevent any further complications and make sure your drainage system is working at it’s best. D


That Unpleasant Odour

Blocked drains can often lead to a build-up of stagnant water, and with it, an unwelcome odour. If there’s a suspicious smell wafting around, it might be your drains alerting you that there’s a problem. Ignoring this issue could not only lead to a more unpleasant smell, but it may also be a health hazard for you and your family. Taking care of the source of the odour is crucial in maintaining a clean and healthy home.


Unseen Pipe Damage

Sometimes, the signs aren’t as obvious. Damage to your pipes, often hidden underground, can lead to blockages. If you’ve noticed any changes in your property, like unexplained patches of extra green grass, it might be time to have those pipes checked.


Small cracks and fractures in pipes can cause debris to accumulate, leading to clogs and potentially bigger issues down the line. Regular maintenance and repairs can save you from costly repairs in the future.


The Overflowing Gutters

During a downpour, take a look at your gutters. Are they overflowing like a waterfall? This could be a sign that your stormwater drains are blocked, causing a backlog right up to your gutters. 


Not only is this an unpleasant sight, but it can also cause damage to your roof and even the foundation of your home. It’s important to have a professional plumber clear out any blockages and ensure proper drainage to prevent further issues.


What to do if you have any of the above symptoms

Blocked drains, particularly stormwater pipes, are a common issue that can cause significant headaches for homeowners. Recognising these signs early can save you time, money, and a lot of inconvenience.


At Fletcher Plumbing and Co, our team is dedicated to providing quality service that you can depend on, ensuring your plumbing issues are resolved quickly and effectively. And remember, we’re not just experts in plumbing; we’re homeowners too, so we get it!


If you suspect a blocked drain is causing problems at your property, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’ll be there to sort it out, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience. 


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Remember, when it comes to plumbing woes, we’ve got your back. Literally, we’ll be the ones down in the trenches so you don’t have to be!