Pressure Drain Jetting For Your Drains
Pressure Drain Jetting

Why Pressure Drain Jetting is Essential for Your Drains!

Keeping your home’s drainage system in optimal condition is crucial for daily comfort and hygiene. 

Drains do the heavy lifting of removing wastewater from your home, and when they’re not maintained, the consequences can be immediate and disruptive. 

At Fletcher Plumbing and Co. we recommend pressure drain jetting as an effective solution for maintaining your drains. 

Here’s a breakdown of why it’s important to maintain your drains. 

Understanding Your Home’s Drainage System

Your home’s drainage system is designed to handle water from various sources, including sinks, showers, and toilets. With regular use, these drains can accumulate debris, leading to blockages. 

When drains are neglected, the risk of overflow and the subsequent need for urgent, often costly, repairs increases significantly.

Pressure drain jetting is a proactive maintenance technique. It involves using high-pressure water to clear out blockages and buildup, ensuring that your drains remain free-flowing.

The Benefits of Pressure Jetting


Pressure drain jetting can remove various types of blockages, from accumulated grease and soap residue in kitchen sinks to hair and soap buildup in bathroom drains. Its efficiency in cleaning out the pipes reduces the likelihood of future blockages.


Regular maintenance, including jetting, can prevent the common issue of blocked drains, which might otherwise lead to unpleasant odours, slow water drainage, and even backups of dirty water into your home.

Cost Savings

By preventing severe blockages and potential drain damage, pressure jetting can save you considerable amounts of money in potential repair costs. It’s much more affordable to maintain your drains than to replace them.

Environmental Friendliness

This method uses only water at high pressure, avoiding the need for chemical cleaners that can harm the environment and potentially damage your pipes over time.

When drains get blocked

Consider a scenario where a family returns home to find their house flooded due to a severe blockage in their drainage system. The cost of cleaning up the water damage, repairing the floors, and replacing damaged personal items could run into thousands of dollars. Regular pressure jetting could have prevented this by keeping the drains clear and functional.

Another example is a restaurant that frequently deals with blocked kitchen drains due to grease buildup. Pressure jetting can effectively clear this type of blockage, ensuring the restaurant avoids unscheduled closures and maintains a hygienic kitchen environment.

Why Choose Fletcher Plumbing and Co.

At Fletcher Plumbing and Co we have extensive experience in pressure drain jetting, offering this service to prevent the inconvenience and costs associated with blocked drains. 

Our team is equipped to provide this essential maintenance service, ensuring your home’s plumbing system remains in excellent condition.

If you’re experiencing slow drains or want to avoid the hassle of future blockages, contact us. Let’s ensure your home’s drainage system is clear, efficient, and reliable.


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